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Manufacturing Electronic Sensor Catheters

Time to Read: 1m 4s

Electronic ‘sensing’ catheters have become an integral component in both medical procedures and training. They give instantaneous information such as internal temperature, glucose levels, positioning, pressure and contact force between the catheter and tissue. This convenient and continuous information helps to eliminate invasive probing, increasing patient safety. Studies show improved patient outcomes after using contact-force sensing catheters.

Due to the growing number of sensing catheters, consistent and reliable manufacturing is vital. Leak testing both the catheter tubing and sensors needs to be accurate and precise. The Zaxis Isaac HD multi-function leak tester can be configured with multiple test types such as pressure decay, vacuum decay, pressure occlusion, and mass flow with less than 1 cm3 of internal test volume. An internal test volume of less than 1 cm3 increases the magnitude of the pressure decay value and decreases the overall time of the leak test, thereby improving the precision of the leak test.

In addition to the small internal test volume, the Isaac HD is extremely modular. You can add test types when you need them. With a multitude of test types at your disposal, the Zaxis Isaac HD is a perfect candidate for leak testing sensing catheters.

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