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EtherNet/IP in Factory Automation

Data communication is a vital component in factory automation. The ability to have real time communication between a sensor-actuator network of devices and the controller/enterprise network is essential for maximizing quality and throughput. Zaxis has implemented EtherNet/IP in both our automated leak testers (Zaxis PD, and iKit) and our Electronic Variable Metering Pump (eVmP).

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Manufacturing Diagnostic Reagent Kits

The manufacturing of diagnostic reagent kits can be challenging as it usually calls for the dispensing of very small¬–very precise amounts of fluid of varying chemical make-up. The eVmP Micro Pump is ideal for integrated, turnkey, or laboratory applications that require metering and dispensing of liquid enzymes, buffers, diluents, standards, calibrators, and controls used in diagnostic test kits.

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Occlusion Leak Test

< Back to Test Types What is an Occlusion Leak Test? An occlusion test measures the passage of air through an object and signifies if the object’s passage is clear or occluded/blocked. In this test the product is attached to the test port and filled with regulated...

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