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Air Leak Detection Test Types for Manufacturing

Air leak detection is pivotal in manufacturing processes, ensuring product quality and compliance. Manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have access to a spectrum of air leak test types, including destructive and non-destructive methods, tailored to meet specific specifications and regulatory standards in complex industries.

For over 25 years, Zaxis has led the industry in designing and manufacturing innovative air leak test solutions. Our products are designed to supply comprehensive and accurate results on automation production lines, and we are ready to support your business as you serve your customers. Contact us today to learn which air leak test is right for your facility, or call 801-264-1000 to speak with a representative directly.

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Differential Pressure Test

Pressure Decay Test

Vacuum Decay Leak Test

Mass Flow Leak Test

Chamber Leak Test

Occlusion Leak Test

Pressure Cracking Leak Test

Burst Pressure Leak Test

Volumetric Air Leak Tester – VM3

Major Types of Air Leak Tests

Air leak tests are crucial when verifying product integrity and performance. These tests assess the presence of leaks caused by imperfections like holes, cracks, or defective seals, allowing you to maintain product quality and meet regulatory requirements. Each test type serves a distinct purpose, enabling you to select the most suitable method based on product design, materials, and desired sensitivity:

  • Pressure Decay Test: Measures leaks by observing pressure changes within a closed system.
  • Vacuum Decay Test: Determines leaks by monitoring pressure changes in a vacuum-sealed system.
  • Occlusion Test: Checks for leaks by assessing the flow rate through an object or system.
  • Mass Flow Test: Measures leaks by analyzing the flow rate of gas or liquid.
  • Burst Pressure Leak Test: Determines the pressure at which a product fails, indicating potential leaks.
  • Pressure Cracking Test: Identifies leaks by assessing pressure fluctuations that cause cracks.
  • Chamber Test: Examines leaks by testing products or systems within a controlled chamber environment.

The Importance of Air Leak Tests for Manufacturers

Effective air leak detection ensures product reliability, minimizes waste, and upholds regulatory compliance. Manufacturers and OEMs like you rely on these tests to maintain high-quality standards and prevent potential hazards or malfunctions. By incorporating these test types into manufacturing processes, companies can assure product integrity and reliability while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Zaxis is Your Trusted Source for Air Leak Test Equipment

Air leak detection tests are pivotal for guaranteeing product quality and adherence to regulations. Understanding these test types empowers you to implement the most suitable methods, ensuring optimal product integrity and compliance. Zaxis is here to help. Our expert team is at your disposal from initial quotes to after final delivery, working with you to ensure every specification is met and no detail is missed.

Contact us for further information about which air leak test is best for your production line. Request a quote to receive pricing details, turnaround estimates, and other details specific to your order.

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